Hunt of a Lifetime

We at The Hunting Daddies had the pleasure of co-sponsoring the 6th annual Studer's Invitational in July; a local event that has been held for the past six years to raise money and awareness for various organizations over the years.  This year with our sponsorship, the event was able to raise $572 to donate towards an organization that we support and admire; The Hunt of a Lifetime Foundation.


While at the Erie PA Sport & Travel Show this past March, we actually had the chance to meet and chat with some of the folks from Hunt of a Lifetime.  We learned about the amazing ways they are bringing the outdoors to kids under 21 who have been diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses.  

The organization was founded by Tina Pattison after the death of her son Matthew from Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  Six months before passing, Matthew had bagged a moose in Alberta after his mother asked what he wanted to do in the future.  Since then, Pattison and Hunt of Lifetime has dedicated the planning, time, and efforts to organize dream hunts and fishing expeditions for kids who might never have the chance otherwise due to money restraints and of course, time concerns.

The unique aspect of Hunt of a Lifetime is that they say 'yes' when other organizations have been pressured into telling kids 'no;' other wish-granting organizations no longer support hunting trips for kids after receiving pressure from animal rights' activist groups.  Pattison stands by her organization and their mission despite upsetting some people as she knows what hunting and fishing can mean to kids who were born and raising in Hunting Families.    

These kids are thinking, I want to go out and shoot that and bring the meat home to my family because I might not grow up to have my own family. They feel like men because they’re coming home with game.
— Tina Pattison in an interview with and Robert Ito

We are so proud to support Hunt of a Lifetime in their mission to bring dream hunts and fishing expeditions to kids with life-threatening illnesses.  We are grateful for the work and planning that goes into all that they do.  You can Like them on facebook and follow their updates on what they have upcoming for fundraisers and other ways you can support them too.




To learn more about the Studer's Invitational event that we co-sponsored this year, please visit the Team Studer website for full details.