We hunt & fish, but we are much more than the redneck stereotype. We care about education, conservation, safety, and above all else, family.

Amazing people with an amazing thing going for them!
— Wade James, Adliv Collective

We were both raised by our hunting & fishing fathers, grandfathers, and uncles - but we didn't meet and become friends until we attended the same college together.  We spent our four years playing basketball for the Washington & Jefferson Presidents and attending shared business classes. 

Throughout our four years, we also made time to spend considerable hours in the fishing holes and deer trails hidden throughout western Pennsylvania.

It was our love of basketball that brought us together, but it's been our shared interest in outdoor activities, loyalty to our families, and a hell of a lot of laughs that has kept us best friends.

Hunting and fishing has always been a huge part of our lives, but it's also always been more than just trying to bag the biggest trophy.

Some of our best memories have been sitting around a fire with our families laughing and recalling past fishing trips.  Or 'putting turkeys to bed' with our dads, or the bachelor party when we were all together and Brandon got his ram. 

And now, as men with kids in our lives, we get a chance to pass on those traditions and memories to the next generation of hunters and fisherman.   

Seeing our love for the sport and the family traditions reflected in the eyes of the kids was the starting place for the idea of 'The Hunting Daddies'.