We are The Hunting Daddies


Brandon Studer

Brandon learned to hunt and fish from his dad, grandfather, uncles, and cousins. 

He's bagged a black ram on his bachelor party at 'The Wilderness Hunting Reserve' in Western PA.  He's hunted pigs in San Antonio, TX; black bears in Madawaska, Canada; and whitetail all through Pennsylvania. 

He shoots a Parker bow and a rifle. He is a hunting daddy to three future hunters/fisher: Greyson, Gemma, and Violet.

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Jon Koch

Jon learned to hunt and fish from his dad, grandfather, and family friends.

He's bagged a 5x5 elk on an unguided hunt in Montana. He's hunted whitetail in Whitley Indiana; black bears in Potter County, PA; and turkeys and whitetail all throughout Western Pennsylvania.

He enjoys spending most of the summer fishing from the cabin his family friend's have in Tionesta, Allegheny Forest. He shoots a Hoyt bow, muzzleloader, and a rifle.

Jon is also the illustrator of our companies' board books. He is a hunting (God)Daddy to Brandon's son, Greyson.

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The Hunting Mummas

Tabitha and Lindsay are hunting mummas in the sense that they love and support hunting daddies.  They both love the cooking and eating parts that come with hunting, alas, they have little interest in the actual doing.  They grew up in hunting and fishing families as well - so marrying a hunting daddy was no big surprise.  They love their men in camo and a pair of snug-fitting jeans - with or without beards.  

They both come from teaching backgrounds, and it only took listening to the kids open their mouths and have high level vocabulary words spilling out (even if the content area is non-traditional) to realize that spending time in the woods and at the stream was not only building their muscles, but their little sponge brains too.  After searching high and low for educational support for their very young kids on the topics that they most talk about at their house (outdoor activities) and coming up empty handed - they knew they had to step in and find a way to get images and robust vocabulary to their kids in a way that was meaningful to them.   

They feel so lucky to get to share so many things together as friends, wives, and Mummas to hunters and fishermen.

Our Hunting Kids

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Greyson is a ball of boy energy.  He's been shooting toy guns and bows since he could walk.  His first time in a tree stand was at 4months old.  He likes to pretend he's shooting 'big bucks and dragging them to the truck.' 

Gemma is a little tomboy.  She prefers to play outside and loves finding bugs and telling everyone that they are 'nice.'   She already knows her Dad & Uncle Jonny are wrapped around her finger and she ain't afraid to use and abuse them.

These are kids that prefer to play outdoors and learn most quickly by the world around them. They've been perfecting their turkey calls and cheering on The Turtleman since they could talk.  They love eating deer meat sandwiches and fruit straight off the tree.

Call them country kids, call them future rednecks if you must.  But these are kids that regularly toss out words like 'grunt call,' and 'broad side' into normal conversation.   They know what its like to wake up at fishing camp and point out buck rubs from atop our shoulders on a hike.  They are our little hunting kids.