Being a Hunting Daddy isn't just about harvesting game and mounting trophies.

(although we do a good bit of that)

Being a hunting daddy is about teaching your son to build a deer blind and stopping to point out a deer track to your toddler daughter during a walk in the woods.

It’s being honestly proud when your kid points out a turkey in the field from the backseat of the car on the freeway.

It’s listening from your tree stand in the early morning while everything around you wakes up and recognizing that these sounds somehow help make you a better man - a better dad.

It’s calling in that turkey while your best friend waits nearby, gun standing ready.

It’s being grateful for the smell of hot chili when you walk into your house after a cold day.

It’s staying up around the fire laughing with brothers and cousins the night before fishing season.

It’s looking that same buck in the eye year after year until you both know it’s your turn to shoot. It’s the nod of thanks you give when that adrenaline is coursing through your body after a clean shot. A Nod to God, to Nature, to the Deer, to your Steady Hand.

It’s everything you learned about hunting and fishing from your dad - who learned from his dad, who learned from his dad and so on and so on.

It's Family Tradition.

It’s knowing in your gut that if it came down to literally having to provide food on the table for your family – you could.

We are Hunting Daddies.